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The Swanky Harpy NFT collection

Swanky Harpy is a heterogeneity set of 7,777 NFTs created programmatically and residing on Solana Blockchain.

Dedicated to create a passionate community with World’s first community driven Dating DApp.

Discover the change in web 3.0

Our commitment to creative involvement throughout the product development process ensures that your vision is brought to life with innovative solutions and unparalleled attention to detail.

Premium Access

By availing our premium access, you will receive prioritized collaboration opportunities for projects, featuring a diverse collection of artworks. This premium offering is designed to provide you with an unparalleled experience and ensure that you stay ahead of the curve in the world of art and creativity

Diverse Community

Join a vibrant and diverse community, with the unique opportunity to become part of the elite 1%. Our platform is designed to facilitate meaningful connections between individuals from all walks of life, and our community is united in its commitment to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and mutual respect. Come join us and discover what awaits in the exciting world of modern dating.

Interesting programs

Dating DApp program: Experience a new level of connection with our NFT-powered dating dApp.

Comic series program: Dive into the world of our exclusive comic series with our NFT collectibles, each featuring unique value and rarity that will leave you wanting more.

Merchandise program: Own a piece of our brand with our limited edition NFT merchandise collectibles, each with exclusive value and rarity that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Roadmap

Plan.Persist. Progress

“From Vision to Reality: Our Journey of Growth and Transformation – A Roadmap to the Future”

  • Swanky Harpy Presale
  • Swanky Harpy Public sale
  • Planning Rules
  • Setting Guidelines
  • Official Release of DAO Program
  • Finalizing Comic Book series
  • Launching Comic book series
  • Starting structural work on Dating DApp
  • Hiring additional team
  • Looking into legal Matters
  • Development of Dating DApp
  • Launching Our LLC Or INC.
  • Making of Revenue Model of Dating DApp
  • Making chat model for dating DApp
  • Putting DApp into testnet servers
  • Major marketing campaign
  • Launching world’s first community driven Dating DApp
  • Finalizing Merchandize program.
  • Launching merchandize program
  • Finalizing Lucky Raven program.
  • Launching Lucky raven program.

How can you earn money easily, while leaving the work to someone else?

Don’t Worry we got you covered, Earn money effortlessly by joining development of this Dating DApp, Earning royalties from Comic book and dropshipping the merchandize. Let us do the work, you watch enjoyment and dividends go hand in hand with our products. 


"Discover a world of possibilities"

Our product offers a unique combination of high potential returns and relatively low risk. We have our backers involved creatively in the project, such as by giving them the opportunity to decide certain steps. Our team has worked hard to minimize risk while maximizing returns which can help you achieve your financial goals.
"Major Dividends"
We're offering a free limited edition comic book as a special benefit to our NFT holders, as a token of our appreciation and a reward for our community of collectors. The comic book series program is a highly anticipated addition to the roadmap A great way to earn from royalties The comic includes "The agape Love of Raven".
"Comic Book Drop"
As an investor in our NFT project, we're excited to offer you the opportunity to show your support for our vision through our merchandise program, our merchandise program also provides a range of earning opportunities. You can earn ongoing royalties from the sale of merchandise featuring.

Join us

Come be a part of the ultimate dating and storytelling experience with our NFT project that includes a community-driven dating DApp, a captivating comic series, and an exciting merchandise program. Join us in revolutionizing the dating world and unlocking new levels of creativity, expression, and connection through NFT technology.

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