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Our team has a proven track record of delivering high-quality blockchain-based projects on time and within budget, combining our expertise in both blockchain technology and digital art to create innovative solutions.

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Why Dating DApp?

dating DApp Program

With secure messaging, user verification, and unique rewards systems, decentralized dating DApps on blockchain networks offer a refreshing alternative to traditional dating apps.Take control of your dating experience with a secure and private dating DApp built on blockchain technology, providing transparency and user autonomy.


Decentralization gives you complete control over your information.


Decentralization has potential to overcome Harressment groups and fake profiles.


This can lead to a more collaborative and inclusive environment

Why Merchendize program?

Merchendize Program

As an investor in our NFT project, we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to show your support for our vision through our merchandise program. Our unique designs and high-quality items are the perfect way to showcase your involvement with our NFT and share your passion with others.

In addition to offering a way to show your support for our project, our merchandise program also provides a range of earning opportunities. You can earn ongoing royalties from the sale of merchandise featuring our NFT’s design or logo, or you can create your own designs and earn profits through our Dropshipping program.

Limited Edition Items:

As an investor in our NFT, you have the exclusive opportunity to own these Limited Edition Items, which are only available to buyers of our NFT.


We're thrilled to offer our investors the opportunity to earn additional income through our Dropshipping program. As a buyer of our NFT, you can create your own unique designs.


This means that not only can you support our NFT project and showcase your support through your own merchandise items, but you can also earn passive income over time from the sales generated by our wider audience.

Why Comic Book?

Comic Book Program‚Äč

Our NFT project is excited to announce the launch of a new comic book series program, exclusively available to our users. This program will feature an array of engaging comic book series that will be accessible through our platform, allowing fans of the genre to enjoy their favorite stories in a unique and innovative way.

The comic book series program is a highly anticipated addition to the roadmap, and we believe that “The agape love story of Raven” shall change people’s perspective of love.

Additional revenue stream:

The comic book series program has the potential to be a lucrative revenue stream for our backers, as users will be willing to pay for access to high-quality, engaging content.

Unique Content:

By offering exclusive access to our comic book series program, there will be providing your users with unique content that cannot be found anywhere else on the web, setting our comic book apart from the competition.

Increase user engagement:

With the launch of the comic book series program, we will become a great user for fans of the genre, increasing user engagement and driving traffic to our platform.

Discover the life-changing potential of our programs and start earning substantial income today! Our innovative approach and proven strategies can help you unlock financial success and achieve your dreams. Join us now and take control of your future!

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