Join us on our journey towards achieving our ambitious mission as we pave the way for a brighter future with our clear and strategic roadmap.


  • Objectives:
Release Collection Of 7,777 Swanky Harpy NFT Collection!
Establishing DAO program.
Monthly Eagerwards. 
Establish Social Media
  • (Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Linktree, Gitbook)-COMPLETED✅
Hire Team
  • (Graphics Designer, Community Manager, Developer, Artist, Story Writer)-COMPLETED✅
Establish Story Folklore
Establish Gitbook
  • (WhitePaper) V1 – v2 COMPLETED
Swanky Harpy Website Release
  • Launching our Website -COMPLETED✅
  • Business Deck release✅
Swanky Harpy NFT Community
  • Launching our discord- COMPLETED✅
NFT Marketing Campaign
  • Doing Collabs and giving WL spots-COMPLETED✅
Swanky Harpy NFT sale
  • Swanky Harpy Presale🟡
  • Swanky Harpy Public sale🟡
Structural Planning Of DAO Program
  • Planning Rules🟡
  • Setting Guidelines🟡
  • Official Release of DAO Program🟡
Legal FrameWorks
  • Deciding legal matters with lawyer🟡
Comic book series
  • Competing structural planning🟡
  • Starting structural work on Dating DApp🟡


  • Objectives:
Launching Comic Book series.
Free comic book drop.
Giving premium access to dating DApp.Giving premium access to dating DApp.
Hiring additional Team
  • (Blockchain Developers, backend developer, smart contract developer graphics designer, frontend developer, app developer)🟡
Comic Book series
  • Finalizing Comic Book series🟡
  • Launching Comic book series🟡
Legal Matters
  • Hiring a Corp Lawyer🟡
Dating DApp
  • Development of Dating DApp🟡
Website Launch
  • Launching Website for Dating DApp🟡
Set up a company
  • Launching Our LLC Or INC.🟡
Revenue Model

Making of Revenue Model of Dating DApp🟡

Making chat model for App
  • Transperancy in profiles🟡
  • Privacy in chats🟡
Testing Dating DApp
  • Putting DApp into testnet servers🟡


  • Objectives:
Launching our Dating DApp.
Launching Merchandize program.
Access to limited merchandize.
Major Marketing Campaign
  •  Spreading awareness of the new Dating DApp🟡
Official Mobile App
  • Launching Dating DApp in (android and ios)🟡
Launching Dating DApp
  • Launching world’s first community driven Dating DApp🟡
Merchandize Program
  • Finalizing Merchandize program.🟡
  • Launching merchandize program🟡
Lucky Raven Program
  • Finalizing Lucky Raven program.🟡
  • Launching Lucky raven program.🟡

Join us

Come be a part of the ultimate dating and storytelling experience with our NFT project that includes a community-driven dating DApp, a captivating comic series, and an exciting merchandise program. Join us in revolutionizing the dating world and unlocking new levels of creativity, expression, and connection through NFT technology.

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